The nose bolt was replaced and the rust on the nose cone was killed with phosphoric acid then painted. If your leg is too bent you will need to raise the seatpost, and if your leg is too straight you should lower the post. $26.13. Cycles Tx. Wait for us to email you a YES or NO answer. In his experience, that ruins saddles. With a sprung saddle, you may be able to avoid working with rivets, by disassembling the undercarriage and replacing the broken parts. To cannibalize saddles in this way, you'll need. ... No springs, a sport seat with more nose control. Remove the seat post and seat as a unit. We are not responsible for saddles that tear during repair. Install the most common kind of slider at the side, from inside to outside, following the arrow in the photo at the left below. The "wings" of the slider should start facing downward (with the saddle upside-down). They can be pried out and re-used. When a saddle rail broke on a Brooks B17 -- after 30 years of service -- I checked and found that the undercarriage of a Wright's saddle -- Brooks's low-end brand in the 1970s -- was identical except for the finish. Nose Bolt and/or Tension Shackle Replacement: $20 Please note that we will not start work on any saddle without a deposit. Installing new rivets involves using an anvil and a hammer! Vintage Classic Style Bicycle Bike Cycle PU Leather Saddle Spring Seat Retro USA. FREE Shipping. The frame of the seat spring assembly was broken, held together by strips of leather, metal, and a 2x4. Call Us Cart Search. A cross-country mountain bike … Light honey colored saddles, especially will darken. 9614 16th Avenue SW This Fujita Professional is a near exact copy of the Brooks Professional. I drilled out the rivets from a Wrights saddle and removed its misshapen leather, installed the leather from the B17 and had a perfectly functional saddle again. If we respond YES, then send a Paypal payment of $30 to and mail us your saddle. The two saddles shown in the next picture are not compatible, because the width is too different. Sheldon strongly recommends not tightening the nose bolt. Free shipping. Some older Brooks saddles have a feature which also makes it worth the trouble to replace the leather: ferrules of the type shown in the photo below. Preferably, when cannibalizing saddles, use an undercarriage with matching locations of rivet holes. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. A road saddle will typically be v-shaped, with a more pronounced seating area and a longer nose. Browse all top-rated bicycle seats for men and women in a range of styles for hours of comfortable riding. New: Take part in the December Giveaway for a 20" Kids Bike from the Bicycle Corporation of America New: Take part in the Newton-Rider International Giveaway for a Foldable Bicycle Helmet Bike Forums › Main Sections › Bicycle Repairs and Mechanics › Snapped Seat Spring The Tamer Pivot-Plus XC is available for purchase for about $120 retail (a price that’s similar to the Thudbuster), and in this picture you can see it also has a parallel-linkage to swing the seat movement down and to the rear. If you drill out the rivets from the inside of the saddle, you are unlikely to damage either the leather or the undercarriage. Texas MS 150 Open! Single Rivet Replacent: $10 (each) 1501 Lake Robbins Dr … You might have to take what you get! All seat posts are loosened and adjusted at the junction where the seat post meets the bike frame. (713) 389-5776. When work is complete we will send you an invoice with payment link from Paypal We do not accept credit cards or checks! From oil changes to changing out the crankshaft to full custom motorcycle creations, we can do it all. Nose Cones $10 Rail/Chassis/Backplate $40-$50 (depending on the model) If you have more than one broken spring, go ahead fix them all with this method. Shop our extensive catalog of parts here at This included springs, but it is easier to undo the nuts at the lower end of the old springs and re-use them, because it is possible to turn the bolts at the lower end. Leather kept lubricated and moisturized with Proofide or Obeanuf's Heavy Duty LP will not normally tear! ... On the left is an example of a clip that is cracked and needs repair … Shop bike seats and covers from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Replacement Resistance Handle for IC3 Bike $7.28. Often old saddles require larger copper rivets instead of the original small silver ones. WTB Volt Medium (142mm wide) Black MTB Bike Saddle Unisex Seat Steel Rails. Nose Bolts $15 Was: $27.80. When you scratch the bottom with your fingernail you should not be able to remove any material and any mark should be minor. If the leather is torn, you need a new saddle! Repair of other brands depends on parts availability. Or, you can find the company online and contact them. (2) Website Directions. We owe the late, great Val Kleitz eternal gratitude for teaching the rest of us his brooks saddle repair skills. A quick-release lever at the base of the seat post can be pried opened and adjusted by hand. Sometimes the leather will tear during this process. Replacement Resistance Pad for IC3 Bike $6.16. Brooks will extend a warranty to 10 years if a saddle is registered on its Web site. At Rock N Rock Cyclery, we’re not your average bike shop. Or, even better, bring your bike to our repair shop to discuss your bicycle issues and find out which package or service is appropriate. A bicycle collector or museum may wish to replace the leather when restoring an antique bicycle. We can repair the METAL PARTS of most leather saddles. Getting a nut started is easier if you attach it to the blade of a screwdriver with a dab of grease, to reach in between the coils of a spring. Serving Orange County Since 1992. We only accept Paypal. Transport Cycles covers Brooks warranties. If your saddle leather tears during repair, the minimum charge is $30 which is why we require a deposit to cover our lost time and any installed rivets. Free shipping. Now get on your bike and place the ball of your foot directly on top of the pedal spindle, when the crank is at the bottom of the rotation. The metal shoe inside the nose of the saddle comes off with the top, once you have removed the rivets at the rear. Springs, edge wire and clips for your furniture upholstery needs. Drilling out rivets: the leather of this saddle was dried out and cracked. It is worth saving ferrules from a worn-out or broken saddle. If a creak is coming from your seat post, not your saddle, it likely needs lube. If your seat post is aluminum, remove it by loosening the bolt at the seat collar and wipe off any grease and grit. Re-riveting an unsprung saddle is simple, but getting the wrench past the springs of a sprung saddle can be a bit tricky. Add … Getting a nut started is easier if you attach it to the blade of a screwdriver with a dab of grease, to reach in between the coils of a spring. If you can dig into the leather and leave a significant mark then the leather is dying. Bicycle Repair Bicycle Shops Sporting Goods. Your dead saddle's metal parts will be recycled and the leather composted! Save money, do it yourself! The one in the image below is on a Brooks B72 4-wire saddle. We do NOT sell saddle parts separately. The most common repair is for a broken rail. Seattle, Washington 98106, Return Shipping & Handling is $15 in a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box (International $50), ENCLOSE A NOTE WITH: YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, EMAIL & REQUESTED REPAIR TO THE SADDLE. Well as new as it would without a broken spring. I did this when the rails broke on a Brooks Flyer. They insert into the bag straps. Nose assemblies may differ. Getting the nose bolt into place can be difficult if the rails are in place -- though it can sometimes pop out, and if it is adjusted as loose as possible, you may be able to pry it into place with a flat-blade screwdriver, while squeezing the top of the saddle and the rails together with your other hand, to tilt the metal shoe at the nose away from the bolt.