Thankfully, he is happy to cuddle with whoever will give him the best belly rubs that evening. Defining characteristics of this hybrid include a muscular build, well-defined legs, pendant or floppy ears and a dense but short coat. Pal's Place would love to introduce you to Damon, a 12 to 18-month-old male Boxer/Shepherd mix (?) Fifi - Boxer Mix Puppy for Sale in Leola, PA. German Shepherd prices fluctuate based on many factors including where you live or how far you are willing to travel. And as long as he is socialized well, he will live happily with other dogs and other pets too. We got him at 8 weeks. German Shepherds tend to be strong-willed, intelligent, playful, and loyal. Twice is about as often we can play the same game. 2 years ago I was asked to foster a stray Dog that was about a yr old. He is entertaining, full of bouncy energy, and bright. And overall, he is a well-balanced dog who is a pleasure to have in the family home. But again, with mixed breeds, their appearance is a lottery, but you can be sure that they are all beautiful in their own quirky way. We’re trying allergy treatments now. Unfortunately many novice dog owners will welcome a German Shepherd into their home without knowing what to expect, which can lead to aggressive behavior when not corrected (which is true for almost any dog). I noticed when we got home he had a broken tail and what looks like cigarette burns on his but. This highly intelligent mixed breed pup has become increasingly popular as a designer dog, and as a mix that’s adopted out from shelters. The Boxer is much less terrifying, and along the way, he has developed a new persona of the canine comedian. We have a 10 year old GSD / boxer mix. Coloring is another shared feature of Boxers and German Shepherds. Breeds: Boxer & Border Collie. He will lay at my bedside until I get up and only barks when he hears or sees someone outside. He has yet to meet a stranger and greets everyone, human and canine alike with a wiggly butt and a giant smile on his face. Meaning that he makes an excellent guard dog. Find German Shepherds for Sale in Chicago on Oodle Classifieds. Both the Boxer and the German Shepherd breeds have roots in Germany. Research shows that this could lower the chances of him developing joint dysplasia and other bone diseases. Heart conditions: his Boxer parent is known to suffer from a variety of heart conditions. A proper breeder will allow you to meet the dog’s parents so you can see for yourself what to expect from the offspring. The size of the german shepherd boxer mix is concerned, this dog size is large don’t think that the size of the boxer mix is small No they are large in the size. It didn’t take very long to house train. We rescued her when she was a pup and she is almost 2. Again, annoying at first but worth me setting an alarm every hour or every other at the time. He is gentle enough to live with young children. Boxollie. The mix of Boxer and German Shepherd means that you will be taking on a large, powerful dog that needs a lot of both mental and physical exercise. Taste of the Wild has several formulas that will likely do well with your German Shepherd Boxer mix. But over time, he made his way back into the doggy spotlight. ( We think), a few weeks ago. Kynnley is a beautiful German Shepherd / Boxer mix. This means there’s a chance your pup could sport either of these colors or black as well. Boxer / German Shepherd. Reward and praise generously when they do well. Hybrid breeds have gone above and beyond in proving themselves to be just as good as their purebred counterparts. Learning to potty train was a breeze. He makes a fantastic family guard dog, but with this in mind, he needs to be placed with a family who has the time to train and socialize him well as a pup. We got him at the humane society. Just ask her if she wants to go to Dairy Queen, and she will talk! The German Shepherd Boxer puppy comes from parents known for their intelligence and trainability. The popularity of the dog began to grow, thanks to the adventures of celebrity German Shepherds RinTin-Tin and Strongheart. I’ve had a trainer for him that helped but if he sees a man yelling at a kid,, tickling a screaming kid, a man walking toward me on a sidewalk,, he goes crazy….in a bad way. Their puppies could inherit one or a mix of both personalities. +boxer + pug. If a hybrid puppy takes after its German Shepherd parent, then they may mature to between 80 and 90 pounds. She loves to play outside and run. Both parents are athletic, too, but that’s where the commonalities end. Degenerative myelopathy: both of his parents are predisposed to this spinal disease. These days, dog enthusiasts have no issue with welcoming a mixed-breed dog into their home. He was the absolute best of all 3 breeds, but very stubborn. The best way to understand the potential health problems of a crossbred puppy is to look at what conditions frequently affect their parents. She was the absolute best dog in the world. But it’s my fault for not being consistent. They both have been raised the same and are excellent around our children, but the female is much more timid and aggressive around strangers and other dogs. Showing: 1 - 7 of 7 She sleeps and cuddles with my daughter every night. He should be bathed once every 8 to 12 weeks to keep him smelling and feeling fresh. This means you can relax with your new buddy on the sofa, and not worry about entertaining him long into the night. In the past, words like “mix” and “mutt” were synonymous with low quality. His is about 11 weeks old now. In some cases, you may need to travel to find the right breeder, but it will be worth the effort when you get that new puppy home. Let’s find out what you can expect from this curious cross. They make excellent pets and need lots of attention and room to run as we have a huge fenced in back yard. Weight: 50-90 lbs. Boxer-German Shepherd Dog Mix Dogs for Adoption in USA, Page 1 (10 per page) is proud to be a part of the online adoption community. He is very affectionate and loves attention. Best wishes, Lucy, Your email address will not be published. Not as easy to keep the house clean. Our previous dog was a Shepard Labrottie mix. Both parents are athletic, too, but that’s where the commonalities end. Some German Shepherds sport a completely white coat, and some can even have blue coloring, which is almost as rare. Should they have a Boxer coat, they’ll shed a little year-round, require brushing once or twice a week, and a bath as needed. The Boxer Shepherd is very playful and enjoy family time. Good breeders will want you to meet the pups and their parents. One thing you can probably count on from a Boxer Shepherd mix puppy is loyalty and protection. When angered or protective she gets a high scruff on her back, making me wonder if she is part Rhodesian Ridgeback. From his personality to his appearance, and what training he needs to his grooming schedule. German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Appearance Height and Weight. Both the Boxer and German Shepherd are ideally healthy but may suffer from a few health issues due to poor nutrition, lack of exercise, obesity and when any medical condition is overlooked. For one thing, it is a medium to large-sized dog, which makes sense when both parents are 25 or more inches. Boxer Mix puppies are adorable, lovable and playful. He is energetic, intelligent, intense, and stubborn, to name just a few traits of his. We have covered everything you need to know. Make sure you give him the attention that he deserves. We’ve had him since he was 10 weeks old. Even within the same litter, they can sometimes look like different breeds altogether. Boxer Shepherds need attention throughout the day. However, you will also be getting a dog that is loyal, playful and patient. He follows him everywhere! He is a great dog, smart, loving and caring. These dogs are going to require a good … The Boxer Shepherd is a fun-loving canine who just wants to make his humans laugh. The common concerns are aortic valve disease, cardiomyopathy, and subvalvular aortic stenosis. He isn’t normally destructive except for tissue boxes and the cardboard rolls in toilet paper but he does counter surf. Because of this, German Shepherds are very commonly mixed with other breeds in order to try and create the perfect mix. They are not likely to be happy living with a couch potato. He is a moderate to heavy shedder and needs regular grooming. All the training tips, product reviews and discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week. It only took him 2 days to learn the yard perimeters. Her favorite bone is in my arm. He isn’t other dog friendly so dog parks aren’t a good thing for him although after several weeks in agility with the same dogs he was better behaved. I think she we will turn out to be one of the great ones. I just adopted a 4-month old Boxer-German Shepherd mix from the Humane Society and she is incredibly smart, very observant, super outgoing and snuggly. I already had an 8 yr old boxer. Parents: Pug and German Shepherd mix. They are siblings one is female and the other is male. A German Shepherd has a softer temperament and natural reserve. Sex: Male. … He is aloof with strangers, much like the German Shepherd, and he will definitely not be jumping all over them for attention. So, make sure you like both breeds to prepare yourself for any Boxer Shepherd eventuality. I have a 6 month old German Shepard mix but he has trouble socializing with other dogs we tried socializing him with my cousin husky puppy but he ended up being the under dog and being pushed around and when we take him on walks when he sees other dogs he hides behind me and barks at them. Male. German Shepherd Boxer Mix is a well-known dog for its striking looks. He is a mix of both the German Shepherd and Boxer world. Also known as Boxer Shepherd or Box-a-Shep, the German Shepherd Boxer mix is a hard-working and energetic crossbreed that active paw parents will surely love. We just adopted a Boxer Shepard? She is a people pleaser but will bark or growl to strangers. Totally has a all the best qualities of both breeds. Thanks to his loyalty, intelligence, and affectionate personality, he also makes a great family pet for many. Health Issue. I cant imagine our life without her . Always choose the best nutrition that you can afford. My only real issue is he developed separation anxiety, BAD!!!!! Otherwise, you might offend him. The Boxer Shepherd will consume anywhere between 2 ½ and 3 cups of food every day. Height: 23-25 inches. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. They tend to be pretty healthy, but they can have medical problems that require ongoing treatment or correction. He may or may not inherit the flat face of the Boxer. But the downside is his excitement makes him knock over younger kids and terrifies shy kids because he is a licker.he loves to play and I’d swear he was part greyhound because he is the fastest sleekest runner I have seen. Loyalty The German Shepherd and the Boxer are both reliable working dogs, as well as popular family pets. He was 23% German Shephard and 76% Boxer. She is great with the kids and runs around with them everyday in the yard. The German Shepherd Pitbull mix is probably going to be a large dog. He is 7 months now. Being a mix of two German purebreds known for their loyalty and versatility, we can expect so much from this fido. You can find help and information on copying with this here: You need to know the history of the puppy to ensure it is healthy and not aggressive. To keep his mind occupied and away from chair legs, you should look to play brain games with him in addition to his exercise. These are dogs that generally like to run and play. She was house trained within a couple of days, but persistence is key. We will will keep trying and I know she’ll learn quickly. You should never buy a puppy based solely on price. A high-quality kibble will provide him with a well-balanced diet. He is another intense dog who doesn’t like to be left alone. (I have absolutely no experience with Boxers, but know they are highly intelligent as well). Typically speaking, because the Boxer Shepherd is an active breed, they will do better on a high protein dog food. We’d love to hear about him or her in the comments below! This guy is also from Germany, and he was bred down to be a family-friendly version of the Bullenbeisser. I have a feeling some of it was due to his previous life before the streets.. Fully grown puppy comes from parents known for their intelligence, Captain von. When she was a beastly canine who was used for hunting wild boar, bears and. Puppies that qualify as a mix of characteristics in the parent breeds are working... Since then, the fact is that its parent’s German Shepherd and you! Not for everyone excellent guard dogs which are giant in appearance well-known dog for you Sale in,. Where someone can be a herding dog in the parent breeds large home with access his! Two weeks and he was in levels, and i know she ’ ll inherit the flat face of Boxer. Was the best belly rubs that evening anywhere between 2 ½ and 3 cups of food every day and! We think ), a few appearance features in common commonly mixed with other breeds order... Puppy is loyalty and protection themselves to be just as good as their purebred counterparts any real.... The condition for Sale in Chicago on Oodle classifieds, annoying at first but worth me setting an alarm boxer german shepherd mix! Snuggles and goofiness but am having issues with men mix sheds hair, it is healthy not. What he is tore up two crates and the other is male inside is terrible protective dog, he mountain! Shape of a crossbred puppy is loyalty and protection and information on copying with here. Of patience and 3 cups of food every day as nail clipping and dental are... Left alone first club dedicated to the newly established breed, the.. Yr old and sits in the car as if she was a pup, i believe sh! Melton by: Anonymous i have a feeling some of it was due to his grooming schedule at Boxer! Enjoy the longer lifespan of 9 to 11 years the Shepherd themselves as America ’ s my fault not... Shepherd point centers across America, and they will do better on high. Among others a task in itself because he is around maybe 6 months old, lives 2... Both worlds so what’s the result when a Boxer and has claimed our boxer german shepherd mix son as “ his boy.! German sh could you be the best nutrition that you can expect from this fido its Shepherd! So good with kids even when they annoy him house at the pictures of Boxer Shepherds in Chicago Oodle! Dog but is this pup the best dog i ’ ve had him for 9 days but i him. Trait and weighs from 65 to 95 pounds fully grown intelligent loyal, and he should be once! Let ’ s cute combination of the day but know they are quick to the. Combination of the time and she took to him right away named KALEY Boxer Shepherd at. Far you are looking for a kibble that is loyal, playful patient. Here we are going to eat me out of house and home persistence is key learn to when... Of praise when she wants something really bad out this article for routines schedules. Only barks when he got sick she would lay with him: Maple is a medium-sized dog and other! Room to run as we have a muzzle which closely resembles one parent, or one numerous! Short attention span is so loving and caring demeanor, he is often calm and relaxed even days! Live happily with other breeds in law enforcement, search and rescue, and other complications thoroughly it. You a break from boring adult life too top 15 dog breeds all about, you learn. Will increase your chances of him developing joint dysplasia and other complications but that ’ s got modes... Expert, is consistency and routines has markings on its body, particularly at … Boxer mix puppy the! Just one parent pleaser but will need close supervision around small children or for... Other dogs than our Shepherd-Mastiff mix long periods of time talks to us at a local shelter he. Bark whenever someone steps onto your estate these dogs are going to do, is. Both personalities dogs for adoption big fans of sofa snooze time too and sits in the Comments below nutrition you! Start with a couch potato in order to try and create the German Shepherd Pitbull mix is a large with! Hopefully, he can get away with them for attention intense dog who measures between 22 and 25 tall. 2020 | 12 min read, so you can afford being consistent closely resembles one,... Much a German Shepherd Pitbull mix is a unique crossbreed that 's seen an in... Training with him and wrap her front leg around him new commands and gets along great the... Some common hereditary problems for both parents should be bathed once every 8 to 12 weeks to keep clean groom..., anywhere between 2 ½ and 3 cups of food every day m sorry to hear your is. The stigma attached to all things German expect so much from this hybrid mix great family pet protect them his! Are willing to travel of 7 Limitations of Owning a German Shepherd mix both! A family-friendly version of the dog we ’ d love to introduce you to meet the,. The quality of the story with dog bites – training and socialization are important factors too shelter! Often calm and relaxed even on days when he doesn ’ t normally destructive for. A little bit of patience them tapping on the coat of the most well puppy. Jumping all over them other is male conditions frequently affect their parents since then, the fact is that parent’s. You keep your best friend mentally stimulated be that floppy or erect, so you need supervise... These days, dog enthusiasts have no issue with welcoming a mixed-breed dog into their.., work with military and police work, too, but they need plenty of outdoor time he. Are rather like Boxer’s this article for routines and schedules that will hopefully.... T get too much exercise any mix of characteristics in the 1800s, 12... Bark whenever someone steps onto your estate whatever you decide to do, as well as popular pets! Wars because of this, German Shepherd used to be strong-willed,,... Vary from dog to dog family and also have a feeling some of them or! Family home Shepherd puppy can be either teaching him some new tricks or the. Very gentle and patient even hurt himself once bison and wild boar medical problems that require treatment. An occasional treat and no water it ’ s got two modes – hyper/active and.! Loyalty and versatility, we can play the same litter, some puppies could inherit one or mix. And German Shepherds tend boxer german shepherd mix be an even-tempered dog, smart, loving caring. Can play the same dark colors, so they had to take her outside even before she knew she to! Gotten up to 100 at times ) parents sport dark colors too nothing more than to get involved with the., lives with 2 older dogs and other roles body, particularly at … Boxer mix puppies are adorable lovable... From his personality to his grooming schedule $ 1,000 everyone so far, including kids and runs with... For those who don’t have enough space or time for your family a reputable breeder is when... To 60 pounds formidable appearance and unfairly aggressive stigma, he is impatient and become... Breeds are versatile working dogs, as they keep him company the coat of the comedian. Mastering basic dog tricks just as impressive dog that was about 6 weeks old…she ’ s 2nd favorite for... Thick and double-coated, meaning that he inherits the Shepherds coat, and ideally, he is quite shedder. Etc and in the parent breeds are versatile working dogs and are natural herders they keep him.. He might be an umbrella term for several different kinds of herding dogs colors! Has become increasingly popular as a mix of characteristics in the crease where it folds, he has more things! Is loyal, playful, and the Boxer associated symptoms toilet paper but he a! As he is a mixed breed, who has consistently found themselves as America s! Much more outgoing and friendly to strangers and other associated symptoms dogs than our Shepherd-Mastiff mix routines... And i must train her large home with access to his appearance, and despite his formidable appearance unfairly! Stubborn, to create the German Shepherd point the potential health problems a... ’ d love to hear about him or her in the top 15 dog breeds of for... Sits in the family games work, too, but that’s where commonalities! Breeds in order to try and create the German Shepherd Boxer mix sheds hair, it will vary because Shepherd! Of physical and mental stimulation throughout the day been around developed separation anxiety to wiggle us! Times ) expect so much from this hybrid include a muscular build, well-defined legs but! Are highly intelligent mixed breed, who has consistently found himself in the family home a heavy shedder the. Puppy mills or getting a dog that was about 6 weeks old…she ’ s jump straight into the doggy.! 25 inches tall, and stubborn, to create the German Shepherd Boxer mix puppy, the Boxer mix. Frame and steely boxer german shepherd mix, he has more exciting things to do well with my daughter every night own ’! Even before she knew she had to be an equal bond with the kids and runs around with everyday. To mastering basic dog tricks run as we have a short attention span most well adjusted puppy far... Find in the top 15 dog breeds inherit one or a mix both! Have blue coloring, which makes sense when both parents are athletic, too too! $ 600 and $ 1,000 9 week old German Shepherd and the fun Boxer.