It also brings the gardener closer to the center of the bed to reach plants more easily. Constructing The Keyhole Garden. Though of course, you will have to think about planting that is appropriate to the season in your climate zone. Water seeds and young seedlings directly, but once roots are established, if you have added a central composting area, add rainwater or gray water to this central basket along with all your compostable waste. The Keyhole garden combines both of these processes in a way that makes you the smartest gardener on the block. There are plenty of different materials that can be used to make the edging for any keyhole garden. Not wanting to waste space, I decided to make my garden 8 feet wide with a two foot keyhole opening. Keyhole Gardens are a type of kitchen garden that allow food to be grown into the dry season (in African countries). Center compost basket provides a steady supply of plant nutrients and amendments; Uses less water with mulching and moisture from center basket; drought-tolerance; Depending on outer wall materials, soil can be warmer than traditional raised beds; Garden can be modified per owner’s needs, like child or handicap accessibility ; The short bed distance (from outer … This gives the garden a keyhole shape when viewed from above. Keyhole gardens can come in a range of shapes, sizes, and depths, though commonly they have circular or curving forms. I've seen the body of beds built from bricks, cinderblocks, landscaping stones, corrugated metal, even cedar logs. She has created booklets and aided in the design of Food Kits to help gardeners to cool and warm climates to grow their own food, for example. So if you are planning new growing areas, a keyhole garden could be an interesting thing to consider. DIY-Keyhole-Gardens. Keyhole gardens have stumped me. Apr 10, 2016 - nice keyhole hugelkultur bed. It can be especially useful in areas where water and nutrients are in short supply, but it is an idea that can be applied in almost any climate zone. They do not necessarily have to be raised up much off the ground. Compost: A gardener's black gold. The composting basket replenishes the soil's nutrients as well. Feb 6, 2015 - Keyhole Gardens were designed for families in third world countries are they provide families an easy way to create a sustainable source of vegetables with minimal effort. The design - which looks like a keyhole from above - incorporates a central 'basket' where compostable waste is placed and greywater is poured. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to choose locally available, natural materials. Amongst other things, she has designed private gardens in regions as diverse as Canada, Minnesota, Texas, the Arizona/California desert, and the Dominican Republic, commercial aquaponics schemes, food forests and community gardens in a wide range of global locations. But you can also mark the boundary using chalk or flour, to leave lines on the ground. Saved from Properly maintained keyhole gardens are very moist and nutrient-dense. This household waste is then organically transfo Receive the latest in global news and designs building a better future. The garden uses a number of layers to retain moisture and nourish the soil, making it more productive than a conventional garden. She is undertaking ongoing work for NGO Somalia Dryland Solutions and a number of other non governmental organisations, and works as an environmental consultant for several sustainable companies. The compost rots and feeds the plants in the raised bed. Don’t add scraps of meat or any other animal product including cat and dog feces. Keyhole Garden. Elizabeth Waddington is a writer, permaculture designer and green living consultant. A keyhole garden is a two-meter-wide circular raised garden with a keyhole-shaped indentation on one side. So planning beds to maximise edge is a key concept in permaculture design. A Keyhole Garden is a type of kitchen garden raised bed. Inspired by the African keyhole gardening Inspired by the African keyhole gardening technique, the Classic 4x4 Keyhole Composting Garden with Garden Rack and Greenhouse lets you compost household waste and grow vegetables in the same garden. Layers of organic material, compost, and soil are built up around the central cone. Copyright © 2021 Rural Sprout on the Seasoned Pro Theme. Keyhole Garden Benefits. The horticultural staff of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens made this one with reclaimed concrete. Within a six-foot radius, you have your compost pile, your vegetable garden and your water source. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Any keyhole garden can maximise yield by minimising pathway, and maximising the amount of usable growing space. It should also be more moisture retentive. uses far less water than in-ground gardens (up to 70%) perfect for drought areas composts and grows vegetables in same system use daily kitchen scraps reducing household waste by up to 30% Explore. This gives the garden a keyhole shape when viewed from above. When she is not gardening, Elizabeth spends a lot of time working remotely on permaculture garden projects around the world. Although most helpful in hot and dry locations, a keyhole garden will improve growing conditions in just about any climate. Carolyn Black Adams County Master Gardener (7/3) A new method of gardening is proving to be less labor-intensive and more affordable for all individuals who desire to grow their own food. Keep an eye out for our weekly newsletter. If you look at it from the top, we will see a form which will resemble the classic image of a keyhole. The center building will be a basket for compost, which organized a comfortable passage. A keyhole garden introduces a no-dig, permaculture design in the form of a raised bed with a continual feed at the top for manure, vegetable scraps, paper and other brown and gree… The circular garden 2m in diameter mentioned above is typically made as a raised bed, at a height of around 1m (or a comfortable depth for easy gardening). The diameter of the garden … The top of the growing area should slope away slightly from the central composting basket if you have included this element in your keyhole garden design. Though it can also be beneficial in areas with higher rainfall, where soil fertility on site may be less than optimal. To begin, all you need is a space that can house a circle that's 8 to 12 feet in diameter, with a small path to the center on one side of it... like a keyhole. This household waste is then organically transformed into nutrient rich soil that nourishes your vegetables. The center building will be a basket for compost, which organized a comfortable passage. Remember, using drip irrigation and other methods, and mulching well, can help to reduce water use. When making any growing area, it is important to make sure that the gardener can easily reach all areas without standing on the beds. Keyhole Gardens: A Drought Tolerant Composting Garden — The Keyhole Garden concept is brilliantly simple. Keyhole Gardening. The diameter of the garden … Rather than planting in rows (or even in long, rectangular raised beds), which require a great deal of space for planting as well as harvesting, a keyhole garden—so named because of the notch-like gap in the center of it—allows you to make the most of a small area.