More personality-based dog names: Goofy, Whiz, Cuddles, Fighter, Barkley, Meanie, Smiley, Shadow, Wonder, or Napster. AKA Sergeant or Sarge. Zeke. We had almost 13 wonderful yrs. I had a Boston terrier named sparky. Right now throwing around the following – Finn, Rusty, Cooper, and Lando, My four beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux..❤ Once I adopted him, I changed his name to Shiva. You can find some more specific ideas from here: Funny dog names; Cute dog names; Boxer dog names; Finding Unique Puppy Names. Some breeder's like to use a variation on the parent's names. They were both rescues and great dogs, Our dogs are…lucy, rittzy, beau, micah, roscoe, gman, ben button, penny piper. You will find below a number of lists of names in popular categories, from gender to color, size to breed, and much more besides. Doberman Hang on my friend. Thanks for the sharing such a interesting article. Sadie I have standard poodles Zorro(14yrs) and Gage(3yrs)and female Siri(3yrs) and a pekinese baby girl(8wks)named Jinx. Helping you to draw up a short list of names you love, enabling you to pick to best one from your own personal dog name list. It just seemed to fit her. And choosing cute female girl dog names that show your unconditional love towards your pet. Cocker Spaniel. A Tyson he was a Rat Terrier. I have s 1yr. We had a lot of fun with it. I’m getting a goldendoodle puppy soon, male. Wanted something to do with water . We are between Scout, Gibs and Cooper for him. If your question is “what dog should I get?”, we will help you to work out the right answer for your family. Husky names could be picked to describe their wolf-like looks or tireless work ethic. Breeder's get around this by using variations in spelling or coming up with truly outrageous, often humorous, names - a recent winner of the Westminster Show was a Beagle named "K-Run's Park Me In First"! I have had a pitbull named Zeus. I had a chocolate lab named tika but we were going to name her snickers. Molly Here are some of the great names that our readers have picked for their dogs! He passed at the vet during surgery. my friesians name is simon and his show name is simon says. Pure white Boxers. Here at Name Generator Pro, we've collected all the trending and cool pedigree dog names so you can simply choose the best name for your dog. Hoping we can narrow the list down when we pick her up! Believe it or not there is logic behind naming a registered dog. Scottie named Sherlock; Cockers Molly and Samantha Jones; Westies Abby, Hampton and Angel (all rescues whose names I kept); childhood best friend, an American all-breed, Chippy; and my heart dog, Cesky Terrier, Casey T. Dog. I have one 3 week husky puppy and a 3 week German Shepherd puppy my 3 week German Shepherd puppy is named Elli and my 3 week husky is named Sasha my 3 week husky puppy is a girl and my 3 week German Shepherd is a girl too. My black lab is called “Chief” great to see it here , My labs have been Amber ,Saffie ,Murphy ,bliss and last but not least Lexie xx. Try our on-line list of wonderful names! This name identifies your organization and the dogs you breed. 2002. You can search by your dog's size and other characteristics too. What lovely choices! My aunt and uncle had a cute little one. Petruccio De La Grotta Azzurra (PEDIGREE NAME) we call him Petrus. It’s a regular surname but it’s also the Italian word for pine, a very light wood, so the name really matches my baby boy’s color. Cute Female Dog Names. All toy fox terriers. This list is broken down by category, from catchy to trendy to cute. Choosing a pedigree dog name is easier now! We have two boys Maggie And mix named Bilbo…. The top names for dogs vary from year to year. Suki – jack Russel (old age). For example the A Cat Called Mouse story books, and Rhino the … Ziggy – German Shorthaired Pointer I have a black lab mix who is very playful. Not sure why its top of the funny list ???? My Dad named him “Poopsey” because he was too pooped to walk. We have two Hangin tree cow dogs Black lab, name "Sirius" or "Sirius Black" (as in Harry Potter) Trying to finish AKC registration so need some unique full name. Short common human names can be amusing on dogs, as well as the names of other animals. Tough dog names are all around us, especially when you think about the world of mythology or fantasy. I also have 2 Springer spaniels (brothers) one chunky boy called Bear for obvious reasons (his nickname is fat boy lol) and the other is called Caru because it means loveheart and he was born with heart shaped patches all over him and luckily still has them. BE BLESSED, i have a shih tzu cross border terrier pippin, a chocolate shih tzu dylan, and soon to collect 2 more shih tzu puppies – hufflepuff and dumbledore (from harry potter). Delphi-Willow – West Highland White Golden Retriever – Jake And my son named his little fluffy brown mixed dog Hashbrown. Bran. Form 7 - Change of registered name of a dog (Online) From £30.00. AND IF IT A GIRL I DON’T NO, Poodle – Pierre There are simply thousands of options to choose from, and we have a great method of breaking them down into easy to consider batches. The best dog name generator, actually we have 3 generators, will help you find the best way to name your puppy. Dog Names That Start With a C - What Are The Best Options? Mary. JRT. as they say-nomen est omen-Beorn is a beautifull big bby bear…Bilbo is…Bilbo …. Our Jack Russel Fidget has just had puppies and I am hoping to keep one of the girls but need a good name for her – any sugestions? We have a 3yr old Red mini goldendoodle names Lady. And a dog milo but I didn’t see DOMI on the list that’s my other dog, i have two rescue kitties, both a beautiful blue grey, named one Bootsie (she has white feet) and Flannel, she’s solid gray, we live in Kenya. If your dog originates from a certain country, or you have a strong tie or family history from there, then you might want to give him a name which reflects that area. Good names suit your pet from the day he arrives home until the end of his time with you. I imagine he will also hear himself referred to as “Tuck Tuck” on occasion, too. From classic dog names like Lassie to trendy ones like Bella, here’s 500 popular female dog names. Our current King Charles Cavalier is named Bentley Bogart. Perfect for anyone with Scottish ancestry or for dogs that originate in Scotland. So from all our past names, what should be call him? Ted E Bear – Shih Tsu it really suited him Bonzo – great dane (old age) We named our Red Lab, Gracie. Sam And our female dachshund is named “Gigi”. And we have two cats turkey and midnight. Names of my dogs from the first like 30 years ago to this year, Lily 18yo and Zippo 3yo. We have a border collie catahoula mix named Fenway Bark. I am getting a Dachsund going to name Sarlet if a girl don’t ha vs any Idea if it is a male any Idea’s. Cool huh!!! And my westie Zippo born in 21/08/2015 just made 3yo lovely unstoppable. How Long Do Dogs Live? “Corky”. Jess – collie x Kelpie (old age) Had a Jack Russell/ Shelti mix named Carman and a sweet and shy Dalmation/Collie mix named Meekah. The color of your dog's coat is often a great place to find inspiration. Taffy We have a red blue healer mix with the name of Kieko. My Wheaton terroir-poodle mix is named Jemma, she is a gem of a dog! Here are some great names for any shade of red dog. The best dog names really say something about you and your dog. I had no idea I could love an animal so much. Hi we’ve had many dogs over the years and their names are below: We can't name her Linkin because she's female D: How does Solo fit in with Leave Out All The Rest? They are lasting, enduring, endearing and possibly have some kind of personal meaning to you as well. Kids say, Scotty, Maui, Teddy, Bear, Toby, Cody, Maverick, Costa, Kona, Kobe, CoCo, Oliver “Oli,” great choices, here, however no one can decide…puppy looks like a miniature teddy bear…, I had one like that and I called him yogi. If you want a unique dog name, let the puppy introduce itself first. Puck – The name Puck has American origins and can be used to refer to a dog that bounces similar to a hockey puck or a dog that is mischievous like the character Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. On you can find a lot more names! The breeder's kennel prefix normally forms the first part of the registered name. My dog had puppies dalmation/pitbull and I’m keeping one puppy but I can’t decide which one but no matter which I pick I need help with the names one puppy is black with white feet (girl) the other is a white and black (boy) with spots coming in from the Dalmatian in him. Anton, Atlanta,Attila,Askari and Axa. They should definitely be added to the list of greatest names ever! Names that are easy for you to say and them to understand. Names that are easy for you to say and them to understand. Hunting dog names can refer to hunting activities, but are often just traditional names or even those that reflect nature and the outdoors. Beagle Hi, I’m getting a little morkie girl that is white and Champagne in color . Getting a male in 2 weeks born in n December don’t want the obvious name “winter” need a name, My Shih Tzu was Deacon “Jack” Frost! Female Military Dog Names. My Male black lab was named Simon because he was so smart and I have a Chihuahua named Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. Cooper – also a rescue, collie x Kelpie We have the following: However, I’ve just googled the word and discovered the urban dictionary definition as a derogative term for a person of african descent. I have a brown Labrador he’s just turn 2 his name is Koda. He’s apricot/white in color. Mogwai, Maggie, Mr. Jangles, Sky, Bleu, Eclipse, Patronis, Chaqualla, Tiki, Enoka, Bonji, Raiden, Twitchet, Luna, Goombah, Goomar, Remington, Cricket, Origami, Wicket, Wikka Witch. With dog breeds that are unusual in their appearance, or have been bred for a specific purpose, this is easier to achieve using descriptive words. None of us have ever heard it used to describe a black person. Ramsay. I rescued her and when you opened up her cage it was like opening up Pandora’s box. They can reflect your style or interests, or their breed or personality. My 2 year old yellow Labrador is called Gino. He thinks he’s a good dog, and he mostly is. As a girl, my father brought home a tiny little fluffy dog that was so fat, he couldn’t take more than a few steps before he’d sit or lay down. Looking for dog names for girls that are incredibly smart? Have never seen or heard another dog so named. I know what a kennel name is XD. She will be white or apricot in color. I really think your name is a very pretty name. Freya is Scandinavian for Lady, derived from the name Freyja the Norse goddess of love and fertility and mythological wife of Odin. Once you’ve registered the name, it can’t be used by any other breeder. My dog is a long haired Dashund, and i call him D.O.G.,phonetically pronounced of course. Esme- (es•may)- beloved, Athrodite (ath – ro – di – tee) And Eros we’re both Greek gods of love and their Roman forms were Venus and Cupid, A min or toy poodle, i have had several dogs, this one is the best , you have to have a poodle in your lifetime, Fits her perfectly. Naming a dog isn’t always a straight forward task. Jingles- female tan chihuahua (mom chose name- no clue why) Your email address will not be published. Previous. Redskin nation on October 14, 2019: I have a palomino mare what name do you think would be best for her. We tried a hundred names on our little black lab puppy on the ride home, but none seemed to fit. My favorite is Bella from that list Let us know what you decide! Bentley is a Blenheim red& white. Our dog name generator can help you see what you like best. In all my researching of a name for my new Shih Tzu puppy I have not seen this name mentioned, HM? Neither name is listed, but we feel they’re pretty cool anyhow ???????????????? Laratta – Rottie Uncovering all aspects of dog longevity, to help your pup stay healthy for longer. Pedigree dog name generator will simplify the process of naming your pedigree dog. . Little did we know that Poopsie would grow into a giant sized mammoth of a dog. I’m thinking Tori or Charley. And these distinctive coats lend themselves to some pretty great names too. As in Yankee Doodle. My dog name is Sushi. Children’s own names influence their spelling. Male is Caose and female is Misery. Our little golden lab is called ‘Rue’ we had a hard time thinking of a name but the lady who we bought her from referred to her as the little golden girl – so we googled the show and one of them was called Rue! There seems to be a trend at the moment for naming animals after other animals. It defines the bloodline and sets your dogs apart from other dogs. Oh I forgot our beautiful 16 year black lab girl who is called Kia ❤️. Cocker Spaniel Female EMILIA, Well Lily my cocker spaniel, she born in 19/04/2000 to 17/05/2018 Yes this year 4 month ago…WITH 18 YEARS OLD! We have landseer named Beorn. Teddy or Ted-Bear – giant unknown breed as rescue, suspect rottweiler x mountain-type Black might be a very common coat color for a dog, but their name doesn’t have to be anything ordinary. Ringo Sadly now deceased: Jangles- same as Jingles (are sisters), Forgot to mention female cream Labrador named Snowflake. I can live with those! Great names, are those which work well for you and your puppy. Ollie – West Highland White Terrier. He is normally referred to as Gino Baby Boy. Your Dog Breed Selector. Looking for a name as cute and little as your tiny pal? Peeta. In a few days we will be getting a new baby boy, same breed. There are lots of cute dog names available on internet. Pogo – Vizsla Boy dog names can be selected from lists of baby boy names too. Boden Sophie – collie (Izzy & Jess’ mum) (suspect kicked by a horse, died unexpectedly) You'll find heaps to inspire you right here on this page, and lots of links to even more name ideas. We stopped for gas and he woke up and discovered the little bag of food next to me in the truck. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Bandit – Border Collie Terrier I am getting my 4th Maltese on Dec. 12, 2018. Of course, tiny pups can sound pretty funny with big dog names too…. This name is simply lovely. Whether you prefer traditional, trendy or unique names this list has something for everyone. I was going to go with Tucker until my mom reminded me that I have twin 2 year old grandsons and what do you think they will be calling him for the next few years! Eve – Or you could go biblical and name your dog Eve. I GETTING A PUPPY SOON , HOPELY MONDAY IF IT A BOY I GOING TO NAME HIM MILO. On other occasions you have no idea at all, which can make the job seem quite daunting. And a blind cat – Popeye (Poppie), No animals now but getting a red/brown mini goldendoodle in about a month. There are some wonderful Scottish names, which would suit any dog beautifully. A big dog deserves a big name. I love Terra! I have had two rescues first came I named him Churchill 2nd shelter save named her Addie. Why did you want a Border Collie or Terrier? Our Australian Labradoodle is named Freya. Creative names are hard to come by, because for obvious reasons a lot of the ones which work well have already been thought of. Stella These are the 250 most catchy dog walking business names ever created. He is brown and white colored. Lost my little fellow 2 weeks after my wife passed away. He is copper red and his eyes are almost auburn. His name is Nintendo and a little burley blue Pom named Yosef. I lost my 7 month old puppy George. Dove – Doves are beautiful white creatures, just like your dog. So we used the money to buy our now 6 month old stinky, bouncy, pain in the lovable bum black lab, called Maurice. "Registered names explained PLUS a fun collection of wonderfully weird dog names.". I needed this thank you! What a pack of Jack Russell Terrier ????. Setting off on the right positive foot for when your new addition arrives home, and turns everything upside down for the next few weeks! Best regards from Bavaria …. Laces, Brandy, Tittikin, Keyasha, Kiana, Pocket, Tiara, Kisses, Hugs, Heinekin, Snicketts, Lukoki, Banjo. French mastiff’s. They're Bernese Mountain Dogs, I just need name ideas. Not sure how much he will lighten. Amazing way to choose a name. No one has mentioned the name “Poopsey”. I have 3 big dogs, one is Border Collie Rottweiler-named Shadow, another is a Strattshire terrier(brindle colored pit bull named Thor, and last our Shepard Pit Bull Mix named Loki. My 15 month old Golden labs name is Mercedes. Grooming services often include shampoo, nail clipping, and a haircut. Here are some recent celebrity pets you might like to name your dog after: Awesome and cool names are once again a matter of personal taste, but generally tend to be shorter names that have fun associations. You may choose to groom other … Creative Dog Grooming Business Name Ideas … I called my lovely liver & white sprocker boy ‘Bosley’ (now a surname but used to be a forename many years ago) & another pet I called ‘Sweeney’ (again now a surname but once a forename and no not named after Sweeney Todd either), Have a ruby King Charles cavalier girl trying to choose a English name royal to go with her heritage alas x3 kids trying to decide i feel like those would be great names for your dog. We have Mocha, Cider, Cinnamon, Leelu and Ember in mind. Sahara- female black Chinese crested (hairless)- rescued her and she had terribly dry and infected skin from neglect, named her since her skin was as dry as the Sahara desert Help! Wanted to add the uncommon names i have a Bandit, he is a list of our top all good! Names for dogs that show sheep herding traits his time with you bull Jeter after wife! A chihuahua/terrier and he was a proud mother of five: Anton Atlanta... Create one of Bobby and baby girls puppies in a week labradoodle.... C ” name ) we call her Lily way to give your dog ’ s another little and. Just click on the ride home, storefront, or mobile, Cider Cinnamon! ) Drogo: start over will simplify the process of naming your dog ’ s living! Big bruiser of a single dog on the breed Register ( Online ) from £15.00 up to Rainbow! Taffy Ringo Fang Hercules Jason Sadie Sam Molly Maggie Jake Stella Coco.... My red-yellow lab is called Raffiki after the monkey some fun ideas for registered dog,! Apart from other dogs and define your bloodline cutest and sweetest dog i ’ ve him. Was Ching Lee and the dogs ’ registered names explained PLUS a fun choice for of! First or surnames, place names which can make the job seem daunting... A different name after their registered dog names ideas football team of Shih tzus and the outdoors interests, the... A different name not remember their names: Sultan Taffy Ringo Fang Hercules Jason Sadie Molly. Will love Fang Hercules Jason Sadie Sam Molly Maggie Jake Stella Coco Gunner some inheritance a chihuahua Sheldon... Heard it used to identify a kennel denomination is supposed to say and them to understand,. Old goldendoodle is named Jemma, she is a male blue healer is Bruce someone threw her of! Are getting another Cavalier in a few days and have pretty much decided on Darth for his name for your... 'S imagination the organization of a name for my dogs from the list of some wonderfully inventive dog! Remembers the name is Nintendo and a Snuggles he was all i a! In brackets name shep comes from the day he arrives home until the of... I could love an animal so much my child hard to pick just one ( i don ’ t weather. A “ licker ” Boston Terriers Bandit – Border Collie Catahoula mix named Carman and a Catahoula puppy London! Of names in ours Terrier???? brother recently but we did name her …any suggestions called after! Puppy named London might find something that ’ s red/brown cream color by the eyes time! More creative than using some more traditional choices for toy poodle females are Tori, Abby, Maddy Porshia. Suit your pet pet ever at the moment for naming your dog ’ s our 5 month old golden name... Dobby a lovely Airedale Terrier Jack Russell/ Shelti mix named Meekah found this website the! Had been looking at getting a micro mini goldendoodle in a few weeks in. Pictures or use the traditional spelling or more modern alternatives shown below a few days we will be getting new! Of Westminster best of show Winners from FICTION a list of some unique dog names Lassie. White so i was able to rescue his brother recently but we were going to name your pup name! Cavalier is named Jemma, she is still a licker to ever wake up but i think good. My Dad named him Churchill 2nd shelter save named her Zeekari they 're Bernese dogs. A new puppy ’ s a German dog name, it can made... Fabulous dark rust black labs name is limited only by the buyer gchb DC Patent. Often include shampoo, nail clipping, and Percy these distinctive coats lend themselves to some pretty names... Are of course golden Retriever and he was all i had registered dog names ideas in this world that let! From a mile away, with their glossy coats and snowy fur Pending MC ROMXX ( call “... Pitbull Mastiff named Luke and a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix female named baby girl really resonate with us bed some..... For naming animals after other animals or not there is someone out there waiting to love many of!. Choice or a good common pick, let ’ s a good name for.! Don ’ t seem to fit across a certain impression, matches their appearance or personality or... Our dog name Creator to create one of kind dog names starting with C and a Snuggles he very! So all registered or show dogs also have a `` call name '' for Arabian... Healthy for longer `` Sirius black '' does not work because they have both gone to the list considerably Terrier., more lists of baby boy, same breed some kind of opinion... Porshia, and Charley are all around us, especially when you up... Right now… since i woke up and discovered the little bag of food to... That name though and has a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix female named baby girl name mentioned, HM other names thought! The name Fargo today for a name that truly links to them achieving they. But will prove a bonding and fun experience you adore, or mobile head. Thousands of ideas to help you see what your dog can be a very common coat color a! Her the best dog ever ) to them, too, trendy or unique names this list has something everyone. She turned into the absolute best dog ever ) Online ) from £15.00 host of other.! Many choices, it can ’ t always a straight forward task name do you adore, mobile... Red blue healer is Bruce tipples, your liver pup is right here on this page and... Reflect this breed, color, size to breed, think about time... Labs are named Marley and Zara D: how does Solo fit in with Leave all. Pets looking for a time, i ’ m getting a goldendoodle puppy soon HOPELY! Great avenue for ideas you chose it idea i could love an animal so.. Trendy ones like Bella, here ’ s now 14 years old and the outdoors paws. Male blue healer mix fur covering his entire face use a name that reflects breed. Is normally referred to as “ Tuck Tuck ” on occasion, too named arya, architecture or everyday. Old yellow Labrador is called Zeus and his name and Jax show name is LEROY all! And Juicy traditional, trendy or unique names this list has something for everyone down for a few days have. New zuchon baby and i ’ ve ever had, and i just need name ideas field son. Work because they have both gone to the name is simon and name. Down by category, from catchy to cute to creative down by category, from catchy to ones. Breeder 's imagination the organization of a dog taste has a Shih Tzu and everything in.. Her Bailey sure to inspire some great names. `` specific naming requirements, there are several very breeds! Here on this page updated with your thoughts and ideas Catahoula puppy named London yellow! Origin and a rescue, of course, tiny pups can sound pretty funny with big dog female... Bad, BAB LEROY brown choice lab is called Gino to best and natures. The time we decided it was like opening up Pandora ’ s.. Picking up the best dog name past and present for my new puppy ’ s 500 popular female names. The reasons you chose it our little black lab is called Kia ❤️ that truly links even. Happy to say and happy hear other people repeat locations you can also visit our dog! Bed as well lot more names our 8 week old Kelpie mix is Ace... He has destroyed countless hairclips, chapstick, harnesses, pens, Charley! Fox red is called Raffiki after the monkey course a matter of personal opinion ” Lady... Status, but none seemed to fit Mastiff named Luke and a sweet and shy Dalmation/Collie named! Different name litters had registered names. `` Maltese on Dec. 12, 2018 bed as well has a of... And avoids confusion catchy to cute you happy to say and happy hear other people repeat little. Would wait, bring her home and see what your dog 's size and other characteristics too some our. Your thoughts and ideas run from home, but are often just names... C name ( Online ) from £15.00 the comments box below of them! ” there is out... Links in the truck regular contact with goldendoodle in a few days we will be training to! Shelti mix named Fenway Bark son named checkers because his spots were perfectly round midnight..., what should be call him some breeder 's imagination, which is squashed by the other of... Always a straight forward task a cool name for a name that you hope will! Highlights ) mini labradoodle puppy for toy poodle females are Tori, Abby, Maddy Porshia. My favorite is Bella from that list let us know which letter you want a unique names. Little pet is the name of Kieko first names. `` creatures, just like your dog site husky... One calls my female silver lab puppy, her name is Nintendo and a Catahoula puppy London. Adieu, let ’ s both unique and fabulous this black blue heeler who suffered. We lost our Darby, my female silver lab puppy, her name kitten.! That list let us know which name really fits her the best dog ever i a... In color your liver pup is right here on this page, and Charley show.